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Project Overview

The owner's purchased an existing auto repair shop and wanted to completely rebrand that shop into a new brand, West Ave Automotive & Transmissions. We were referred to the owners by a well-known transmission rebuilder in San Antonio, Tom Goracy who worked for A+ Transmissions at the time (now Precision Transmissions and Automotive). We provided SEO services for the owners of A+ Ron Holland. Tom witnessed first hand the increase of leads and transmission jobs as a result of our services and referred us to the owners, Greg & Desi.

We Designed, developed and launched brand new website. We currently maintain it.
We have driven over 9,000 unique customers to their website. Avg of 33% become leads.
Gained 102 Google Reviews and 56 Yelp Reviews with average rating of 4.6


Overcoming A Poor Reputation, Generate Leads, and Build an Online Presence: The new owners wanted to overcome the poor reputation established by the previous shop owner. At launch, the new owners would have zero online presence for their new shop and no leads from the internet. The new owners also had no website, business cards etc.


After the brand strategy meeting with the owners, we were able to develop a unique brand strategy that suited the new owner's goals. After understanding the owner's needs, we designed and developed a new website for desktop computers and mobile devices. To overcome the negative reputation established by the previous owner, we deployed a reviews overhaul campaign that spanned 14 months to overcome the poor reputation established by the previous shop owner. We continue to manager their reputation today. Once their website was established, our SearchRocket software to begin generating leads for the business at launch. In addition to that, we applied lifetime campaign strategies to target specific audiences to continue to maintain their business exposure.


Within the first month of our services, we generated over 75 website visitor leads, 33 phone call leads, and 7 email leads. We were able to separate over 30 negative reviews from the new owner's shop brand and improved their rating dramatically. From April 2015 through July 31, 2022, we have accomplished the following:

Start: Apr 2015

Active: 7 years

150+ Reviews, 4.5/5 average rating

4,000+ Phone Leads

Ongoing Strategy

We continue to develop new marketing strategies for West Ave Automotive & Transmissions while managing their online reputation and customer engagement.

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