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Project Overview

Gene Brown's Transmission is one of San Antonio's longest-standing and largest transmission repair shop franchises with 3-total locations in San Antonio. After reviewing the results we achieved for Bert Ayala who is one of their independent franchisee owners, the owner of the franchise commissioned us to revamp the franchise brand and manage and provide ongoing search visibility and leads generation services. 

We designed, developed and launched brand new website. We currently maintain it.
We have driven over 29,000 unique customers to their website. Avg of 35% become leads.       
San Pedro Ave Location:  Gained 43 new Google Reviews, 24 reviews disputed and removed.

Grissom Rd Location: Gained 37 new Google reviews, 21 reviews disputed and removed.


The owner of the Gene Brown's Transmission franchise expressed frustration with the performance of the current General Manager who at the time who earned a number of negative reviews that plunged the review rating score down to 3.1 from 4.5. The owner also expressed frustration regarding the lack of leads generated by advertising with Yellowpages, Angieslist, and a few other platforms. Redesigning the website and rebranding the franchise were primary goals for the owner of Gene Brown who wanted to completely overhaul the look and feel of the brand. 


After multiple strategy meetings with the owners and his franchisees, we were able to develop a strategy to generate enough reviews to return the review rating above 4.0. As with every client, we are clear in explaining that the process of rebuilding a negative review score requires consistency, patience, and dedication. Being dedicated to the process for the long haul is a requirement when it comes to building visibility and rebuilding review scores and business reputation. The owner, Ron, and the franchisee owner at San Pedro Ave, Cris, engaged the game plan wholeheartedly. To revamp the brand, we scheduled photo and video shoots with our media team. Our web design and development teams was tasked with bringing to life the visualization of the brand message throughout the website.


Within the first month of our services, we generated over 325 new website visitors from me customers who were seeking the services provided by Gene Brown Transmissions. These visitors generated 96 phone leads and 27 email leads. We were able to remove a number of negative reviews from both location profiles while establishing a new communication style with customers.  The visibility improved dramatically. From August 2013 through today August 1, 2020, we have accomplished the following:

Start: Aug 2013

Active: 7 years

166 Reviews, 4.7/5

10,321 Phone Leads

Ongoing Strategy

We continue to develop new marketing strategies for Gene Brown's Transmission while managing their online reputation and customer engagement.

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