Bert’s Gene Brown Transmissions

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Project Overview

Bert is an independent franchisee owner of Bert's Gene Brown Transmissions on Old Perrin Beitel Rd. In January 2011 who sought to hire us after experiencing numerous frustrating experiences with his current marketing company who was not producing leads for his business.

2020 Website Redesign for Bert's Gene Brown.
We have driven over 25,000 unique customers to their website. Avg of 33% become leads.       
Gained over 110 Google Reviews and 16 Yelp Reviews with average rating of 4.9


Bert wanted more people to know about his reputation and he wanted to increase his number of reviews. He wanted us to generate more leads and find new ways to attract customers. His website was very outdated and he wanted a fresh that communicated his dedication to customer satisfaction.


After 3 strategy meetings with the Bert, we developed the following gameplan: Rebuild his website and all marketing collateral. The website should communicate his dedication to providing customers with the best possible customer experience. Increase the visibility of his brand across the web and generate more leads for his business. Collect, organize, and acquire more opportunities for customer reviews across multiple review platforms. Once Bert's website was established our SearchRocket software to begin generating leads for the business at launch. In addition to that, we applied lifetime campaign strategies to target specific audiences to continue to maintain their business exposure.


Bert has been our longest-standing client. Throughout our partnership, we have solidified his position as one of the most reputable transmission shops in San Antonio. Within the first month of our services, we generated over 61 website visitor leads, 22 phone call leads, and 7 email leads. We were able to disassociate his brand from negative reviews that did not apply to his business. Our services ROI of 9x. From Jan 2011 through today August 1, 2020, we have accomplished the following:

Start: Jan 2012

Active: 9 years

259 Reviews @ 4.9/5

13,745 Phone Leads

Ongoing Strategy

We continue to develop new marketing strategies for Bert's Gene Brown Transmissions while managing their online reputation and customer engagement.

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